County Administrator

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County Administrator
Phone: 507-825-1200
Fax: 507-825-6843

Pipestone County Courthouse
416 Hiawatha Ave. S
Pipestone, MN 56164

The County Administrator is an appointed position by the County Board, under provisions of MS 375A.06 and serves at the pleasure of the Board. The County Administrator shall be the administrative head of the county and shall be responsible for the proper administration of the affairs of the county placed in the administrator's charge. The Administrator shall exercise general supervision over all county institutions and agencies and, with the approval of the County Board, coordinate the various activities of the county and unify the management of its affairs.

In Pipestone County, the County Administrator also has the following duties:


  • Serves as Clerk for the Board of Commissioners. Provides for the  execution of all ordinances, resolutions and orders of the board and all laws of the state required to be enforced through the County Board, by the  Administrator or by officers who are under the Administrator's direction  and supervision;


  • Prepares and submits  to the county board a proposed annual budget and long-range capital expenditure program for such period as the county board may direct, each      of which shall include detailed estimates of revenue and expenditures and enforce the provisions of the budget when adopted by the County Board; Supervises appointed department head positions and assigned staff, to include work direction, evaluation, training and discipline.


  • Assists the Board in development of policies and procedures for county operations.      Develops, recommends and interprets administrative policies for program and staff management. Leads and facilitates short- and long-range  planning, including financial and action plans. Investigates and evaluates  options.


  • Provides for County purchases including purchases of service as directed by the County Board and pursuant to purchasing regulations established by the Board;


  • Attends all meetings of the County Board and recommend measures for adoption as the Administrator deems advisable or expedient;


  • Examines the books and papers of officers and departments of the County as directed by the County Board and report the findings to the County Board, keep the county board fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the County and make such other reports from time to time as required by the Board or the Administrator deems advisable.