Current Notices

Current Notices:
The Pipestone County Highway Department will soon begin spraying road ditches. 
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Damages to Roads

Right -of-Way Use

Littering; Dropping Objects on Vehicles

The Pipestone County Highway Department requires all round bales to be removed from the road right-of-way by November 10th to avoid possible snow drifts on the roadway. Thank you for your cooperation.  Placement of campaign signs and other unauthorized objects in highway rights of way is prohibited under state law.  In addition, signs may not be placed on private property outside of the right of way limits without landowner consent.  Highway rights of way include the driving lanes, inside and outside shoulders, ditches and sight corners at intersections.   Highway crews will remove any unlawfully placed signs and impound them at one of its local maintenance truck stations and will disposes of any unclaimed signs.  Violation of the law is a misdemeanor. Civil penalties also may apply if the placement of such material contributes to a motor vehicle crash and injures a person or damages a motor vehicle that runs off the road. In addition, the Minnesota Outdoor Advertising Control Act prohibits erecting advertising devices on public utility poles, trees and shrubs, and painting or drawing on rocks or natural features.  These laws will be enforced in a fair and impartial manner; political campaign signs are treated in the same way as any other signs wrongly placed on highway property by businesses, churches, private citizens or charitable groups.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation reminds everyone, including commercial snow removal operators,  that it is against state law to deposit snow on to a public roadway. Dumping or plowing snow on to a roadway can create a slippery area, frozen rut or bump, which could to contribute to motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents.  Minnesota Statute 160.27 and many local ordinances prohibit the plowing, blowing, shoveling or otherwise placing of snow from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots onto public roadways. This includes ditches, roadsides and boulevards. The public is cautioned that violations are misdemeanors and civil liability can extend to both the property owner and the person or company who placed the snow improperly.

Mn/DOT offers the following tip to determine the proper placement of snow and minimize your inconvenience when a snowplow comes along after you've cleared your driveway:

First, place as much snow as possible from the end of your driveway downstream in the direction of traffic. Second, clear an area upstream from your driveway to create an open "pocket." 

Mn/DOT says much of the snow pushed by the plow truck will empty into this pocket and less will wind up in the driveway entrance. The  department also says the pocket needs to be maintained to be effective throughout the winter.

A diagram of the driveway clearing technique is available at


Mn/DOT cautions anyone working close to a roadway to watch for oncoming traffic and warns drivers to be alert to people clearing snow. For  statewide traffic, construction and travel information, visit, call 511 or log on to


Pipestone County would like to remind rural residents that hay bales are required to be removed from the road right-of-way by October 31st in  order to prevent snow drifting onto the highways.

Pipestone County would like to remind rural residents that it is illegal to push snow onto the road right-of-way. These snow piles may cause  additional snow drifts onto the highways and may also damage snow removal equipment.