New Recycling Carts have been delivered!!
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Included with each cart is a Recycling Calendar and Guide on how to utilize your new cart. Curbside Collection services will begin in December.

* Recyclables must be placed loosely in the bin!
(only plastic grocery bags and shredded paper must be bagged in a transparent bag prior to being placed in the bin)
red x bin
VanDyke Bin Sticker
* If your bin is contaminated with unwanted items it will be marked with an Orange sticker and will not be picked up until the issue is resolved.

The picture to the right is an example of a container that would be rejected.  As you can see the recyclables are not loose (only plastic bags and shredded paper can be bagged). There are also window blinds as well as used Kleenex' which are also unaccepted items!!

To learn more on what is Recyclable Visit this website:

If you have any questions about recycling please call VanDyke Sanitation at 507-442-7241.  

If you are a city resident that was missed or a city business that would like a Recycling Cart, Please contact 825-1185.

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